Habanas & Sunshine “Miami”
This is our gorgeous little stud muffin “Miami”. Miami is a vibrant orange & white parti male. He is 4 lbs and comes from all Shang Su lines. What a doll this little boy is!!

Romance & Sunsets “Venice”
Venice is our tiny 4 1/2 lb adorable red & white tuxedo boy. He is really the complete little package. We love all the rich beautiful colored pups he gives us. Venice also gives us puppies with the most beautiful green eyes!

Queen of the Nile “Egypt”
This smile says it all! Egypt is such a happy little dog! Egypt is our beautiful 6 lb solid black female. She has a cobby little body and big beautiful dark eyes. She gives us gorgeous pups in black and chocolate.

Stays In “Vegas”
This is our adorable 7.5 lb solid red female “Vegas” out of Brooklyn & Venice. Vegas is an absolute beauty with a gorgeous baby doll face, soft thick coat, stunning color and sweet personality. She produces puppies in all shades & small sizes.

Golden Eyes “Sahara”
Sahara is our 9 lb dark chocolate & white parti female. This special girl is an absolute sweetheart. She produces gorgeous reds, all shades of liver & non-fading chocolates for us. Sahara’s puppies have her loving sweet temperament & gorgeous rich color.

Viva La “Paris”
We can’t get enough of this 7 lb Solid Chocolate girl. She produces tiny babies in lots of wonderful decadent colors !

Summer off “Melrose”
Melrose is our beautiuful 7 lb orange liver and white parti female. She is such a pretty girl and too smart for words! She has produced some of the most beautiful pups for us.

“Kenya” Gimme A Break
This is our beautiful 6.5 lb solid chocolate female “Kenya”. Kenya has the most gorgeous face with big beautiful eyes. She is the most friendly dog I have ever come across. Kenya is out of Egypt & Maui.