Puppies are priced according to quality, color, size, conformation and much more. We do our best to produce healthy beautiful pups for you to enjoy. Once a deposit is received on a puppy the purchase price will not change. An available puppy’s price may decrease or increase according to how it is developing in some cases.

Waiting List
There is a $250 non-refundable deposit to be on our waiting list. These funds will be subtracted from your balance when u pick your puppy. Crowned Imperial Shih-Tzu reserves the right to first pick of all litters. Waiting list clients will be contacted first before pups are available for public purchase. Your wait list deposit is non-transferable but will never expire. You also must complete a deposit form before you are added to the list.

If you are on our waiting list you are given 3 weeks from when the puppy is born to make your pick. All puppies that are 3 weeks old up until 6 weeks old are required to be paid for half of the purchase price minus the wait list deposit if applicable. At 6 weeks old and up all puppies MUST be paid for in full. This ensures that your puppy has found its permanent home and doesn’t miss an opportunity to be adopted by another family. All deposits are non-refundable and require a deposit form to be completed to hold your puppy. If payments are not received by the date stated on the contract ,breeder will post the puppy back up for sale and deposit will go towards another puppy of buyers choice.

We accept cash payments in person or Walmart2Walmart pay system. This system is cash or debit card only. We also accept the Walmart Money Gram option if a credit card is needed to use as payment. Buyer is responsible for fees incurred.

We use a puppy nanny service to ship all puppies. They charge $400 to hand carry your puppy to you to your local airport. They are an outside service and not part of Crowned Imperial Shih-Tzu.